Sparks Fly at Federalist Society Attorney General Debate

Five candidates showed up at the Federalist Society’s annual conference in Orlando on Saturday, but the event didn’t catch fire until the candidates were finally allowed to start asking questions of each other. Former circuit judge Ashley Moody bristled at a 2nd Amendment rights question asked of her by Rep. Frank White, which set her off on a series of offensive and defensive exchanges culminating in a testy one-on-one with Rep. Jay Fant.

Near the end of the forum, candidates were allowed to ask questions of each other, and that’s when the fireworks started going off.

White opened with a question directed at Moody, who he’s been relentlessly and openly attacking as a liberal judge.  “What are your views when it comes to 2nd Amendment rights on government property such as college campuses?”

Moody ducked the question, instead delivering what sounded like a prepared talking point. “I’m a strong believer in 2nd amendment rights. I’m the only judge who has had to apply the law as it is set forth,” she said, before diverging into a rambling recitation of actions she’s taken as a judge that impact self-defense rights. But she made no mention of campus carry or even government property specifically.

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