Pensacola News-Journal profiles Frank White

Originally posted on Pensacola News-Journal by Melissa Nelson Gabriel

Republican Frank White and Democrat Raymond Guillory will face off in the Nov. 8 general election for the Florida House of Representatives.

The two candidates are vying to fill a seat vacated by Republican Mike Hill. 

Frank White

Age: 38

Education: JD/MBA (2006); Bachelor of Arts in History and BBA in Organizational Behavior/Business Policy with Honors in the Liberal Arts (2001)

Occupation: CFO/General Counsel, Sandy Sansing Dealerships

Why should you vote me?

From my business career, I know that excessive taxes and regulation will cripple small businesses. Free market and limited-government policies will unleash private sector growth, put more power back into the hands of the people, and strengthen Florida’s middle class. We need leaders in Tallahassee who understand the private sector, who will be independent of special interests, and who will have the courage of their convictions. That’s my fight, and I am determined to get results.

What are three priorities in the office? 

  1. Ensure BP funds are invested wisely to diversify and strengthen Northwest Florida’s economy.
  2. Empower job creators through policies that promote growth, including lower taxes and less regulation.
  3. Maintain and strengthen Florida’s support for active duty and retired veterans

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