Defend the Constitution

With the Constitution under constant attack by Nancy Pelosi and other Washington liberals, our freedoms and values must be defended at all costs. We need strong leadership who will stand up for what our Founding Fathers wrote 230 years ago. I pledge to always fight to uphold the original intent of the Constitution by making sure every branch of government follows it. No exceptions. No special privileges.

Stand Against Government Overreach

The 10th Amendment is extremely clear: rights not expressly given to the federal government are left to the states and to the people. Government bureaucrats and career politicians have obviously forgotten that, and some are blatantly ignoring it. And as a result, overregulation and unnecessary red tape are killing small businesses. This is unacceptable. I will stand up for Florida’s workers and business owners by protecting them from harmful government overreach.

Protect Families and Consumers with Free Market Solutions

Government doesn’t create jobs, the free market does – mostly through hardworking small business owners and entrepreneurs. If we want to see continued economic growth in our state, we have to stand up for families and consumers by defending the free market. That means keeping a watchful eye on government bureaucrats so they don’t stifle new jobs or products with unneeded regulations.

Protect the Unborn, 100% Pro-Life

The government’s primary purpose is to defend our God-given rights, and that’s especially true for those who can’t defend themselves. On the issue of protecting innocent life, there isn’t any place for compromise – and that’s why I am 100% pro-life. We must work together to end the murder of unborn children in Florida, but also show compassion by assisting pro-life women’s help centers and making adoption an easier process.

Protect the Second Amendment

Our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It’s just that simple. My promise to you is that I will stand strong against gun-grabbers in Washington who are always looking to use the latest tragedy to further their anti-gun agenda. Under my watch, they won’t succeed. I am a staunch defender of your right to gun ownership and you can rest assured that I will always be on the lookout for anyone that might infringe upon that right.

Defend Taxpayers

For many Floridians, one single tax increase means a bill goes unpaid. That’s unacceptable. Government should be the servant of the people, but too often it causes harm. I promise to be a taxpayer champion by fighting unnecessary spending and tax increases. Because you deserve your hard-earned tax dollars to be spent as efficiently as possible.

Prevent the Spread and Harm of Obamacare

Anyone with two eyes can clearly see that Obamacare is an absolute failure. It was built on lies, and it has caused premiums to skyrocket. We can’t let it expand in Florida. I will do everything in my power to make sure Obama’s failed pet project won’t cause any more harm to Floridians.

Protect Our Borders and End Sanctuary Cities

My heart breaks for the family of Kate Steinle. Not only was she shot by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times, but now her killer has been declared not guilty. To honor her and prevent future tragedies, we must do everything in our power to secure our border and end sanctuary cities.