Bill Nelson’s Abortion Problem

Senator Bill Nelson claims to be a “thoughtful, moderate voice in an increasingly partisan political world.” If only that were true! In reality, he’s an extremist who supports abortion on demand through the moment of birth, and he should be worried about the political consequences.

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration recently published statistics about abortions in the state for 2017. While the good news is that abortions are declining, a review by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found alarming details in this report. Of nearly 70,000 abortions in Florida last year, the overwhelming majority were elective. Only about two percent of all abortions involved the so-called “hard cases” that are so hotly debated in Washington and the media. This is extreme.

Most alarming of all, though, is that 11 babies were reported as being born alive in failed abortions. Florida is one of only a handful of states to report this information. Five years ago, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which protects the rights of babies who survive abortions and requires every reasonable effort to be made to save their lives, just like any other premature infant of the same age. For the first time, it also required that instances of babies born alive be reported to the state health department. Sadly, we don’t know what ultimately happened to the 11 babies in 2017. However, we know that number is higher than in any year since the law passed.